Security Guard In Oman

Vacancy Announcement of Oman Air

Country: Oman
Job Type: Full Time
Airport Name: Muscat Airport
Organize: Oman Air
Education: Mention Bellow
Nationality: Any

Job description / Role;

• Written report.
• Management’s access to the various areas and ensure that only workers and persons and vehicles with an alternative license have access to them.
• Monitor the key problem for licensed persons by keeping correct records.
• Random verification of the records of all the people that the World Health Organization enters the facilities once the work hours and holidays of the company.
• Verify and supervise the cleaning workers and, together, make sure that the cleaning is completed in the presence of the protection personnel if it is done once in the workplace and during the company’s vacations.
• Ensure that guards patrol the facilities once they are in the workplace and during company vacations to ensure that there are no unauthorized persons in the corporate facilities.
• Visit every day and check all crew accommodations, models, training buildings and alternative locations as guards in occupation and cargo.
• Answer phone calls and answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of any emergency at the points of the guard, restoration, loading, crew accommodation, model building and trainers.
• Verification records are properly maintained at protection guard points as directed by the Protection Officer. Security Guard In Oman
• Observe punctual controls in the Guards to ensure that they perform controls on people who strive at the facilities to avoid unauthorized removal of company property once it has been attempted to do so during operating hours.
• Supervise the guards to ensure that they apply the Company’s Security Policy at their facilities.
• Assist other duties as directed by senior department workers.

Security Guard In Oman

• 2-year-old contemporary school credential holder in an extremely connected discipline

• The OR Gymnasium certificate with 06 years of relevant work experience ideally in safety operations is fascinating and can be an advantage.
• Service within the army or the police would be an additional qualification.

Company Details;

Oman Air, the flagship company of the land of the Civil Aviation sector of Oman, began operating in 1993. It began as a regional player, Oman Air, as the national airline of Oman that has witnessed the rise in the past fourteen years. Oman Air has played an important role in the creation of Muscat, an important traffic centre within the geographical area, which provides a bonus to industrial, industrial and commercial activities.

Security Guard In Oman

As a complete industrial airline of Oman, Oman Air has strived to maintain high-performance standards in all aspects of its operation. The Oman International Services were established in 1970 and subsequently, the Oman Aviation Services were supported in 1981 to increase services to opposing airlines in terms of cargo handling, ground handling, etc. Security Guard In Oman

The Oman Air fleet consists of newer and cheaper ships with aesthetically designed interiors. Ultramodern flight service instrumentation is implemented onboard to improve overall safety and performance. Investment in new technologies, the creation and innovation of products have driven Oman Air to the forefront of the aviation business.

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