Sales jobs in Dubai for Freshers

How Get Sales jobs in Dubai for Freshers (2019)

Sales Jobs In Dubai (2019)

Sales jobs in Dubai are lucrative, well paying, and amazingly competitive. With Dubai positioning itself as a global leader in luxury goods, as a travel location catering for the rich and adventurous, and as a financial and economic hub of the world, there are millions of visitors with huge amounts of discretionary spending.

Sales Jobs In Dubai
Eager to divert visitors and shoppers of their hard-earned cash are literal legions of salespeople, working in retail and wholesale all over Dubai. Well educated, literate, attractive, attentive and professional, expert salespeople can be found all over Dubai, ready to sell the best goods to the most discerning of buyers.

In reward for their service, top salespeople enjoy remuneration unmatched in most other countries. Remember that payments and commissions in Dubai are tax-free, and most sales companies’ rewards structure can set salespeople up very well, with hefty bonuses, high commissions and often lucrative trailing commissions on large sales or repeat business.

Finding Sales Jobs in Dubai

There are basically two ways of finding sales jobs in Dubai. The first, best and easiest way is to work for a company that has a sales division in Dubai or the UAE and arrange for a transfer. Most large brands have some representation in the UAE, and if not, it should be a priority for you to move jobs to one that does. Managers of retail sales forces in Dubai are always looking to poach the best talent from within the company to inflate their sales, and a clear path to a sales job in Dubai is to excel locally and then get headhunted from the UAE.

Make sure to network internally if you follow this route. As with any other position, most jobs aren’t advertised. Instead, someone will decide they want to expand their sales teams and send out an email to other managers or check with their HR staff. Being on the radar is imperative. Nobody wants to lose talent; so let HR and international branches know you’re after a challenge. If you’re from a country with a ‘cool’ accent, play that to your advantage! Everyone loves to buy from Australians, Scots, and the Irish.

All joking aside, make sure that the thing you’re best at selling is yourself. Without relentless (and justified!) self-promotion, it’s going to be hard to break into the Dubai sales job market.

Sales Jobs Vacancies in Dubai (2019)

Here are the Popular Sales Jobs in Dubai

S.N. Job Position Company / Supplier Apply Now
1. Sales Coordinator Aeon Enterprises – Dubai APPLY
2. Call Center Agent Marriott International, Inc APPLY
3. Senior Account Executive MicroStrategy Dubai – Dubai APPLY
4. Real Estate Agent Morgan’s International Realty – Dubai APPLY
5. STORE MANAGER IN UAE Esquire Enterprises – Dubai APPLY
6. RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE Esquire Enterprises – Dubai APPLY
7. Sales Account Management Executive Groupon, Inc. Media City APPLY
8. Sales Agent Job Track – Dubai APPLY
9. Saleslady and Salesman Sianeb LLC – Dubai APPLY


If you’re not the best… Then, sorry, but you won’t land a job in Dubai. Sales talk is all well and good, but why would a sales manager in Dubai want anyone but the best their company has to offer? Get off your backside, take some courses, and apply yourself. The difference between mediocrity and dominance in sales comes down to application and effort, and you’re the only one who’s responsible for that.

The second way of finding sales jobs in Dubai is by applying directly. This is going to be far more challenging, but by no means undoable. Contact HR departments directly. Tailor your approach, nothing annoys HR staff more than feeling like they’re on the receiving end of a shotgun approach.


Salesman Salary in Dubai (2019)

Salesman salary in Dubai
Sales jobs in Dubai for Freshers (2019)

Direct applications for jobs that are advertised are going to be tough to win through. Unless you’re specially trained in the field of sales that are being advertised, we don’t recommend applying for single position advertisements. Too much time and uncertainty in these positions, and expect to be competing against hundreds of applicants. ‘Batch’ applications may be worth considering, as often a company will fill 20 or 30 positions during expansion at once. These are often conducted face to face, giving you an opportunity to outshine the competition under the watchful eye of the HR staff.

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