Renew Your Emirates ID (Resident Identity Card)

Renew Your Emirates ID (Resident Identity Card)

Every subject or resident of the UAE ought to carry a resident positive identification or Emirates ID in the slightest degree times. And a bit like the other identification card, it has to be revived on or before it expires.

Before your Emirates ID is because of expiring, the Federal Authority for Identity associate degreed Citizenship can send you an SMS, requesting you to renew your card. To do this, you’ll go to the closest service center, submit associate degree application for renewal, and have your biometry captured, if needed. Renew Your Emirates ID (Resident Identity Card)

Guide to reviving Your Resident positive identification (Emirates ID)


If your resident positive identification is expiring before long, take time to scan the subsequent needs and procedure.

Emirates ID Requirement;

Given Bellow Following Details

  1. Original Passport
  2. Valid or expired Residence Visa
  3. Existing or expired Resident ID

PLEASE NOTE: If your card is lost or not obtainable, get AN ID variety certificate from a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship service center instead.

Here could be a bit-by-bit guide to reviving your resident identity card:-

  • Go to the closest Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship service center.
  • Accomplish the relevant form, submit the desired documents, and pay the fees (AED a hundred for every residence year, AED seventy writing fee). If you’re during a rush, there’s AN choice to pay specific Service Fees (AED 150).
  • Have your statistics (i.e. photograph, fingerprints) captured if schooled to try to to therefore.
  • Wait for AN SMS message stating once and wherever to choose up your new ID. the method sometimes takes regarding forty-eight hours from the time of submitting the applying.
  • Collect your new Emirates ID from the post workplace declared within the SMS.


Renew Your Emirates ID (Resident Identity Card)

You can apply to renew your resident card a minimum of six months to at least one month before it expires.
Once your card expires, make certain to use for renewal among one month. Otherwise, you may have to be compelled to pay late penalties (i.e. AED twenty per day).

Please Note:  Aside from going to a service center, you may also try renewing you’re (Emirates ID) Click Here to Online Application.

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