Urgent Jobs in Dubai for Pakistani People

Urgent Jobs in Dubai for Pakistani People (2019)

Jobs In Dubai For Pakistani People
There are plenty of jobs in Dubai for Pakistani people. They can pay far above what can be found in other countries. The competition is fierce, though, and who gets the job often comes down to who’s prepared the best and networked the most thoroughly. Luckily, there are now thousands of Pakistanis working in Dubai. They tend to be sympathetic to the challenge of landing that all-important first job in Dubai.

Why is it So Hard to get jobs in Dubai

Jobs In Dubai For Pakistani People
This is the perfect time to consider an international move. With Dubai repositioning itself on the world stage, its hunger for skilled and enthusiastic workers has never been stronger. While Americans and Europeans have many advantages in education. Pakistanis have a reputation for being hard-working and diligent. These are two qualities that Dubai employers are particularly keen on.

A solid education is going to be your strongest tool in getting a job in Dubai as a Pakistani. This is because, unfortunately, there is a prejudice amongst international employers. That view many Pakistani schools as poorly run or uncompetitive. A stellar record at one school may be viewed as having been ‘bought’ rather than earned.

Extracurricular education or even correspondence courses from institutions outside Pakistan will show how serious you are in developing yourself professionally. If you have experience in a field, that will stand you in good stead as well.

Most of the job openings in Dubai for Pakistani people are in mid-range infrastructure areas. Middle management, construction, IT, banking, and sales. The challenge is not so much finding the jobs as they open up. But getting your foot in the door with effective networking. Long-lasting professional relationships in Dubai are the norm. So be mentally prepared to put in some effort and have it pay off over a timeframe of months and years, not days and weeks.

Fastest-growing Jobs in Dubai For Pakistani People

Above, we listed the growth industries for jobs in Dubai for Pakistanis. You’d have noticed they’re mostly fairly hands-on, engaged industries. Upper-level management and less ‘practical’ and more ‘theoretical’ areas. Like accounting, auditing, policy management, and administration jobs are harder to the source.

Why are these areas so strongly growing? It’s because of Dubai’s strategies. Dubai wants to move away from a one-track economy. Where most of the income is generated through mineral wealth. And reposition itself on the world stage. Dubai, in essence, wants to become the next London, Tokyo or Shanghai. And it’s well on the way.

With this repositioning comes a great deal of development. Old buildings are being replaced with modern ones, and everything built in Dubai is done to the highest standard. The government is looking ahead, not with the short-sighted vision of most governments, but with true vision over the next 30 or 40 years.

In that time, thousands of Pakistani people will have helped shape Dubai into a thriving. The modern hub of the arts, technology, rapid-moving finance, a world-class tourist destination, and more besides. You can see why Dubai has a thirst for people to roll up their sleeves. Get their elbows dirty, and really ‘dig into’ building Dubai up to where it wants to go.

Jobs for Pakistani in Dubai

As a Pakistani person, you have certain limitations and prejudices being leveled against you. It’s no good pretending that these don’t exist, but rather addressing them head-on is going to stand you in the best stead.

This means that Dubai is one of the word’s fastest-growing areas one commercial development. Office blocks with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities are springing up all over the country. With Dubai’s strategy to focus itself as the Hong Kong of the Middle East and more and more airlines routing their travel through Dubai, international companies are setting up flagship locations in Dubai to make sure their presence is recognized.

With this obviously comes the demand for skilled construction workers, from laborers right the way up to project engineers and construction managers. Pay for construction jobs in Dubai is less amazing than in other fields, but you’re still looking at a premium of around 25-35% more than similar work would get paid in other ‘first-world’ countries. This is, of course, coupled with the fact that income in Dubai is tax-free, and the often very generous allowances that can assist with food, accommodation, and car expenses while one is working on a construction project.

What Challenges are faced by Pakistanis In Dubai

Arranging a transfer from within a company, or at least finding the best contacts in Dubai, is far easier than coming in off the streets. As with any other employers, retailers in Dubai are looking for exceptional employees. A proven track record of exceeding expectations, developing a customer base, clever networking and innovative approaches to sales is what’s going to land you a retail job in Dubai.

One challenge for Pakistani people in finding a job in Dubai is that of visas. Even if you have the budget to travel to Dubai and search for work in person, getting a visa to do so is quite a challenge. This, coupled with the difficulty of getting your ‘foot in the door’ in Dubai, and the high cost of living there as a tourist/visitor, means it’s far better to get a job from outside Dubai and then only entering the country on an employee’s visa.

If you locate and arrange a job from outside Dubai, then your employers sort out your visa requirements as part of your contract. This is standard procedure. Visas normally last for your entire contract. For any job above entry-level construction or retail work, your employer should fly you in and out of the country. When you’re coming up to the end of your contract in Dubai. Your employer should also make arrangements to pay a bonus with you at the end of the contract, especially if they’re not looking after your flights.

Bonus payments are normally around one month’s salary and are intended to either get you back out of the country comfortably or tide you over while your next job is being negotiated.

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