Graduate Jobs in Dubai For British Citizens

Graduate Jobs in Dubai For British Citizens

Jobs in Dubai For British Citizens: There are plenty of jobs in Dubai for British citizens, and now is the perfect time to consider expanding your career. Dubai is rapidly becoming one of the world’s economic hubs, and there are opportunities in dozens of fields for employment.

Jobs In Dubai For British Citizens
With the job market so tight in the UK at the moment, hundreds of British citizens are looking further afield to continue their careers. Particularly if you’re flexible enough to consider moving to Dubai for more than a year, there are plenty of growth opportunities. Jobs for British citizens are particularly attractive in international commerce, infrastructure, and engineering, banking, IT, construction and retail.

Why are these areas so strongly growing? Let’s have a look some of at them in more detail, and then look at overall working conditions and arrangements for British citizens in Dubai.

Construction jobs for British Citizens in Dubai

Construction is a rapidly growing area in Dubai. The government wants to move Dubai away from a single-focus economy into a more commercially viable international hub over the next few decades and this is being pursued aggressively.

This means that Dubai is one of the word’s fastest-growing areas one commercial development. Office blocks with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities are springing up all over the country. With Dubai’s strategy to focus itself as the Hong Kong of the Middle East. More and more airlines routing their travel through Dubai, international companies are setting up flagship locations in Dubai to make use their presence is recognized.

With this obviously comes the demand for skilled construction workers, from laborers right the way up to project engineers and construction managers. Pay for construction jobs in Dubai is less amazing than in other fields. But you’re still looking at a premium of around 25-35% more than similar work would get paid in the UK. This is, of course, coupled with the fact that income in Dubai is tax-free, and the often very generous allowances that can assist with food, accommodation, and car expenses while one is working on a construction project.

We have a separate article going into more detail on construction jobs in Dubai.

Graduate Jobs in Dubai For British Citizens
Graduate Jobs in Dubai For British Citizens

Retail jobs for British Citizens in Dubai

Retail jobs in Dubai are a competitive market. The easiest way into them, rather than spending a great deal of time trying to locate a job while physically in Dubai, s to move in sideways. Most large retail chains, especially upper-end ones, are establishing a presence in Dubai. The Dubai Airport alone is rapidly becoming a premier shopping destination, let alone the city itself.

Arranging a transfer from within a company, or at least finding the best contacts in Dubai, is far easier than coming in off the streets. As with any other employers, retailers in Dubai are looking for exceptional employees. A proven track record of exceeding expectations, developing a customer base, clever networking and innovative approaches to sales is what’s going to land you a retail job in Dubai.

Visas For British Citizens Working In Dubai

As a British citizen, working in Dubai or even just job-hunting couldn’t possibly be easier. If you locate and arrange a job from outside Dubai, then your employers will sort out your visa requirements as part of your contract. This is standard procedure. In fact, some of Dubai’s visa requirements can make things a little archaic. If you’re in Dubai on a visitor’s or temporary visa. Which British citizens can get on entry to the country. Then if you start a contract, you’ll often need to leave Dubai and then re-enter the country as a worker to get your visa approved.

Visas will normally last the length of your contract. It is standard for any job above entry-level construction or retail work for your employer to fly you in and out of the country. When you’re coming up to the end of your contract in Dubai. Your employer should make arrangements to pay a bonus with you at the end of the contract. Especially if they’re not looking after your flights. Bonus payments are normally around one month’s salary and are intended to either get you back out of the country comfortably or tide you over while your next job is being negotiated.

Job Hunting For British Citizens In Dubai

Job hunting in Dubai is unique amongst job markets the world over. Because of the cyclical nature of jobs in Dubai, people are rarely out of the job market for long. This means that your competition will be fierce. The best way to progress your career is with careful, focused networking.

People in Dubai love to build life-long relationships and friendships. Knowing people in your industry is worthwhile because your careers will progress at different rates. Deliberately be friendly and helpful to everyone you know, inside and outside of Dubai. Never bad-mouth competitors. Help people where you can.

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or assistance in progressing your career. A word in the right ear will do more than an extra qualification in most markets. If you a good job, renewing your contract should never be an issue. In this way, the job market in Dubai is a little like a pressure cooker. The best will continue to thrive, but if you’re not good enough at your job. You’ll crack and have difficulty getting re-hired anywhere. It’s up to you to make sure you excel at your job!

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