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November 14, 2019
Toronto, Canada
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Canada is the land of opportunity. This is how it is perceived by people outside the country. It is also the reason why you have probably started trawling the internet for companies that can provide you access to a job in Canada for foreigners.

Job in Canada for foreigners

But how lucrative is Canada as a source of employment? Is it truly as attractive as people presume? More to the point, what does that mean for you as a foreigner? If Canada has an abundance of jobs, are they not only available to Canadian natives who live in the country? These are the questions that haunt foreigners who are desperate for work. And fortunately, they have straightforward answers.

Why Canada?

Canada has one of the most impressive GDPs in the world. Their economy grows at a decent annual rate and their employment rates are in the single digits. So you have every reason to conclude that the country has an abundance of opportunities.

Does Canada Want Foreign Labor?

Canada has strong oil and logging industries. But their entertainment software arena is also growing at unprecedented levels. The same can be said for the fields of engineering, math, and healthcare. This matters greatly to foreign workers because Canada doesn't have enough skilled workers to fill the gaps emerging in its economy.

They are hungry for tech workers, in particular. The number of unfulfilled positions in Canada was in the hundred of thousand in 2017; 400,000 to be specific. That figure has grown since then. As Canada's economy continues to advance, their need for skilled labour is going to skyrocket and that is where foreign manpower enters the picture.

Canada understands this need. They have taken steps to alter their immigration policy in an attempt to attract more skilled labour. They expect to welcome nearly 200,000 visitors from abroad in 2020 alone. The objective is to secure talented employees from other countries.

Remember, Canada already receives 300,000 immigrants each year. But those numbers are not enough to quench their thirst for skilled workers. That is probably because many of those people that enter the country are the family members of foreigners already living in Canada

How Can You Land a Job in Canada for Foreigners?

You need to legally enter the country. This is the first step. People come to Canada because of the high quality of life, politics, and various other attractions. But once you secure a temporary work permit, you also have the opportunity to find well-paying work.

Securing a permit is easy if you already have an employer in Canada that has offered you a job. Once you get to Canada and you secure paying work, you can start worrying about becoming a permanent resident. That option is also on the table. But it takes time, especially if you follow the proper channels.

The notion of working in a foreign country scares certain people. But the majority of Canadians speak English. It is one of the official languages. As such, you don't have to worry about the language barrier preventing you from fitting in.

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