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Security guard Jobs In Dubai
Security guard jobs in Dubai can give you the time to enjoy the fantastic lifestyle in Dubai, as long as you’re flexible in your sleep patterns. Dubai has some of the world’s best entertainment, shopping and nightlife, and security jobs are a great way to get in through the edges!

Security guard jobs in Dubai can be a challenge to find but are easy enough to hold onto once located. The sort of long-term employment available to you depends significantly on what sort of security you’re doing; personal security and security work in the finance and hospitality sector obviously are more career-driven, whereas ‘hired muscle’ security jobs like working nightclubs is generally shorter term but can be much more lucrative and interesting.

Security jobs are in high demand in Dubai, and will only increase as Dubai’s economy continues to boom. Rich, highly paid individuals like to be safe wherever they are, whether that means hiring personal security or making sure they attend nightclubs and exotic locations with excellent security. As Dubai markets itself as a high-class travel destination, hoteliers and catering managers are increasingly aware of their A-list client’s demands for privacy and security that can only be achieved by having an on-call security force.

Security Guard Jobs In Dubai

Security guard jobs in Dubai offer a great deal of flexibility and some surprisingly good working conditions but demand excellence. A good personality and experience in managing the conflict are one of the first things looked for in security personnel. With Dubai fostering a reputation as a hospitable and peaceful country in a traditionally troubled geographic area, nobody wants a scene. A nightclub bouncer that can talk a patron into calming down and leaving with their dignity intact is far more valuable than someone who’ll strong-arm a rowdy punter at the drop of a hat.

Private security is also on the rise in Dubai, with security guards often doubling as drivers and working in coordination with a PA or minder to make their employer’s life run more smoothly and simply. Violent crime is rare in Dubai, but the peace of mind and lifestyle facilitation makes private security consideration for many high wealth individuals. Companies flying executives from overseas often provide private security on a temporary basis in an effort to flatter their visitors and make them as at home as possible.

Finding Security Jobs in Dubai

The best strategy to find a good security job in Dubai depends on what sort of industry you’re trying to break into. Low-level security work like a nightclub and private property security is mostly done through agencies or word of mouth. Apply liberally and make sure your paperwork is up to date. Martial arts, firearms, crowd control, and communication experience is what’s going to make you stand out from the crowd. Being bilingual or polylingual help, but being able to communicate in both Arabic and English is going to be essential.

Don’t expect fast results. Security guard jobs in Dubai have mostly spread around by word of mouth. This is because even though security is a very specific area. But there is a misconception between HR firms that it is a job-of-no-brainer, nocleded ballbag area. Therefore they do not make clear about advertising security jobs.

Our experience shows that 90% of security jobs in Dubai are not advertised. Either employment contracts are made through a security firm. Or their employees are expanded on the recommendation of the security personnel managers. So it is That’s where you need to spend your time networking.

Be assertively polite in your networking. You want to enhance your reputation and spread it around, not diminish or damage it. Remember that if you’re planning on making a career lasting 5-10 years out of this, with a view of moving eventually to management or training, then it makes sense not to burn any bridges.

Contacting Employers Directly

Contacting employers directly for security work is a challenge because you don’t want to imply that their current security arrangements aren’t up to scratch. We suggest networking extensively with existing security workers in Dubai, and keeping your ears open for promotions, moves and people getting out of the industry, then making yourself known appropriately.

As experts in finding security work in Dubai, we can’t strongly recommend part-time work advertised on the Internet. Unless it forms a very large and reputable HR firm and for multiple positions, often they will be swamped with applicants and, even if your resume is outstanding, getting noticed in a sea of applicants can be a matter of luck rather than something you can control. As mentioned above, many HR firms don’t advertise security jobs, and the best jobs for high-paying, long-term high-wealth individuals go quietly. Remember to be discreet in your applications, because this is highly valued by hirers of security personnel. Nobody wants a bouncer blabbing to tabloids or a bodyguard revealing embarrassing secrets about a CEO or celebrity.

Bonuses for Security Jobs in Dubai

Bonuses are one of the best parts of jobs all around the world. Luckily, jobs in Dubai come loaded with regular bonuses. And employers seem to relish rewarding their employees for a hard month’s work and jobs well done.

The best way to ensure your time in Dubai is lucrative and rewarding is, clearly, to perform an exceptional job. Dubai hasn’t earned its reputation as a world-class city in every regard for nothing, after all! It is standard to get up to one month’s salary in lieu of leave payments etc at the finalization of a contract. And often smaller, monthly or quarterly bonuses as a way of encouraging and rewarding good work.

Listen to your colleagues and compatriots and make every effort to do a fantastic job. Employers are always on the lookout for talent and genuine dedication. With dozens of competitors for every job. Any slacking off or laggardly conduct will result in no bonuses and probably a swift firing as well.

Working as security for private individuals basically makes you a member of a very extended family. Expect to be treated well and with respect. Don’t cross the line between professional politeness and familiarity unless initiated by your employer, and never stray into informality.

Qualifications for Security Jobs in Dubai

Security jobs in Dubai are highly competitive. rely on a good reputation, satisfied clients from outside Dubai, and glowing references. Highlight your qualifications and make sure they’re up to date. It’s impossible to be over-qualified for a job in Dubai, and security is no exception. And Make sure your previous employers are OK with you listing them as a reference and know it’s OK to withhold details about who exactly you’ve worked with until a prospective employer is interested in checking your references. Employers will appreciate your continued discretion, especially if you’ve worked as private security.

Professional qualifications and awards are particularly well regarded in Dubai. Where employers take great pride in having the ‘best staff in the world’. So make sure your resume highlights all the outstanding work you’ve done and what your accomplishments have been. Any clippings or magazine articles, interviews, etc will massively boost your standing amongst employers in Dubai.

Visas for Security Guard jobs in Dubai

As with all travel in Dubai, visas are usually organized by your employer. Make sure you have the correct visas and paperwork. Nothing is worse in Dubai than not having your visas in order, or not having your passport. Punishments for breaking visa conditions in Dubai are severe and may involve heavy fines, imprisonment, and deportation.

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