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Do you have an interest in working in a hotel in the UAE? Are you a shortlisted candidate and preparing for the hotel interview for UAE? If you are the one going to face an interview and confused about the questions then you are here for you. We have created an article that will allow you to learn about hotel interview questions and answers. It is sure that going through the writing you will have some ideas about the types of questions asked by the hiring manager.

Generally, the hotel industry is related to customer service. It is the leading industry in the UAE. Since millions of people travel to Dubai for various purposes there is a high rise in the hospitality industry. Similarly, the industry contributes to the economic development of the country. The major objective of such an industry is to satisfy the customers through their service. Hence, to work as an employee of a hotel line you should have the concept of customer service. It is essential to have good communication skills as the job relates to interaction with the customers. Moreover, you must have the ability to handle the queries raised and find the solutions too.

Furthermore, if you have already been selected for an interview then you may be thinking about how to pass the questions asked. As you will be joining the company after the completion of the interview you should be very careful and do prior preparation. The questionnaire may ask you any questions either it is concerned with the job or out of the job. You should be confident to tackle every query asked by the employer. Therefore, preparing well before the exam will result in good output. You can reach your destiny after overcoming the last phase of the selection process.

Tips to direct you for the hotel interview questions and answers


There may arise numerous questions in the mind of an employee who opposes the interviewer. Some of them may get nervous and fail to get employment. It is the right of the hiring manager to ask questions. And your duty to give proper answers. The person in front of you might ask simple or tricky questions. It depends upon the situation. But you should give an effective opinion for every raise queries. Since there won’t be any other chance to impress the recruiter you must make efforts to handle the case.

We all know that during the recruiting process both parties are strange to one another. And the first impression that you will give will let the manager understand you. Hence, you must provide positive vibes. You will need to enhance the chance of gaining employment. Moreover, as the field deals with customer’s satisfaction the interviewer may ask you questions mainly about customer service. You should do adequate preparation for other commonly asked questions. So, we have brought some useful tips. It will assist you to construct for accepting the challenge.

  • Know everything about your resume

A resume is the first channel to let the employer learn about you. It is necessary to know every detail. The recruiter may test you either you have inserted the relevant information or not. Thus, to prove that you are a deserving candidate you will need to respond effectively and accurately.

  • Research the company and the job

It is very important to study regarding the company where you want to start your career. Similarly, the job description provided by the hiring company should be clear to you. You will have to share your view and ideas regarding the company during an interview. Moreover, asking genuine questions to the interviewer will reflect your effort and interest in employment.


  • Study frequently asked interview questions

An employee may not know what kinds of questions will be delivered to them in their interview. Hence, you can get aid from the internet. You can click the common interview questions that will let you build more confidence. So, you should do the proper utilization of technology and receive support for success.

  • Never forget to greet the employers

The first thing that you will do when you enter the hall is greeting. A cheerful face with a jolly smile will allow the employer to feel good. You can create a comfortable environment. The business person will also observe the way you present yourself. Additionally, an ideal applicant should carry a helpful and friendly attitude.


  • Identify the type of interview

There are different kinds of interview that takes place during the selection process. You should ask the recruiter about the category of interview you will be attending. Therefore, you can make preparation accordingly and present it appropriately.


  • Select formal outfit

Since the uniform that you will be wearing will also help you to gain the job employment. To look professional you should choose a decent and formal outfit. Moreover, it should be well ironed and fitting. The industry needs interaction with different people daily. You should maintain your grooming to be an employee of the customer service industry.

  • Reach on time

The next tip that you must not skip is reaching on time on the day of the interview. It is better to reach the venue ten minutes earlier. You will have more time for preparing yourself. Furthermore, reaching timely also shows your curiousness for the announced job post.

Average pay scale for the employee in the hospitality industry(Hotel Interview Questions and Answers)

The salary offered in the hotel industry varies as per the rule of the company and the experience of the employee. But with our research, we have listed the average income of hospitality employees.

Job Title Average                                                                                             Basic Salary (AED)

  • Waiter/ Waitress                                                                              1,000-1,400
  • F &B Supervisor                                                                                 2,000-3,000
  • Restaurant Manager                                                                      5,000-8,000
  • Food and Beverage Manager                                                     8,000-14,000
  • Food Service Director                                                                     12,500-20,000
  • Commis Chef (I)                                                                               1,500-3,000
  • Chef De Partie                                                                                   2,000-3,000
  • Sous Chef                                                                                            6,000-8,000
  • Executive Pastry Chef                                                                    7,000-14,000
  • Chef Executive                                                                                  10,000-20,000
  • Receptionist                                                                                       1,800-2,500
  • Reservation Executive                                                                   3,000-5,000
  • Guest Relation Executive                                                             1,800-3,200
  • Front Office Manager                                                                    6,000-8,500
  • Duty Manager                                                                                   4,000-6,500
  • Room/ Public Area Attendant                                                    1,000-1,400
  • Housekeeping Supervisor                                                            1,800-3,000
  • Assistant Manager Housekeeping                                            5,000-6,500
  • Laundry Manager                                                                            8,000-12,000
  • Housekeeper Executive                                                               9,000-12,000
  • Plumber                                                                                               1,800-3,500
  • Electrician                                                                                            1,800-2,500
  • General Technician                                                                         1,800-3,500
  • Supervisor Maintenance                                                              2,500-4,000
  • Maintenance Manager                                                                  5,500-10,000
  • Therapist SPA                                                                                    2,000-3,500
  • SPA Manager                                                                                     6,000-8,000
  • Sales Manager                                                                                  6,500-14,000
  • Marketing Manager                                                                        7,500-14,000
  • HR Manager                                                                                       8,500-16,000


Hotel Interview Questions and Answers

As the major source of revenue is the potential customers your prime responsibility will be satisfying the customers. Moreover, you should deliver excellent service to clients. Talking about the qualification for hotel employees, you should complete a degree in Hotel Management or related field. Furthermore, you will need to be capable to tackle stressful situations in the operation. You will require informing the management concerning the common queries of the consumers. You should be a team player so that you could coordinate with the other members for productive output.      

Therefore, we have listed some common questions that a hotel applicant may require to answer that goes like this:-


  • What is the reason for choosing this job role?

As you are well aware of my resume I have more experience in this field and I believe my skills and expertise can deliver an appreciable result for your organization.

  • What can be the duties and roles of this job?

Since the first point of contact by the guests is the reception and as a receptionist, I will be involved in handling guests and their queries. I will respond to the phone calls and make myself available any time for assisting the visiting guests.

  • How do you define concierge?

A concierge refers to the person who aids in the booking of tours and travel for the guests. Moreover, they also suggest to the clients for visiting the best places.

  • Why do you want to join this hotel?

As the company is well known for its excellent service and has created its own brand in the country I was always interested to apply for the occupation. Furthermore, by joining this company I will receive my career goals and enhance my skills further.

  • Describe the situation when you had to handle a difficult customer.

When I had experience working in a restaurant as a waiter I had faced a customer who was very angry with the food that he had ordered. Since the taste of the food was not liked by him. I handled the situation by providing him with another meal and requested the chef to prepare well. After that, he became satisfied as the taste had improved and also appreciated my extra efforts.

  • How would you feel about working night shifts?

I believe to be a perfect hotel employee we should be available at any time as per the company’s need. Hence, I have no queries for working night shifts.

  • What do you think excellent guest service mean?

For me, a perfect guest service exists when we are available for the customers caring about their needs and making them feel at home.

  • Where do you find yourself in five years?

I am a person with ambition and I aim to build my career in hotel management. Hence, I see myself working with different hotels experiencing new skills and environment.

  • Deliver the reason to hire you?

As we are well aware that the hospitality industry flourishes with the strong bond of customers I have the potentiality to enhance the client service and provide a friendly atmosphere. My goal is the company’s goal and I will make every effort for maximizing customer satisfaction.

  • Let us know about your strengths.

I ensure that my interacting and problem-solving skills are my strengths. Furthermore, I can use these skills for interacting and solving the problems of the customers. It will permit me to cope with the pressurizing situation and assists to make their stay comfortable and entertaining. If you want perfect and successfully resume template click here to build.

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