Get pr in Canada in one year

Canada New Program to Get PR in Canada in One Year

Good  News Canada New Program to Get PR in Canada in one year

Canada Announced New Immigration Program 2019

Do people say how to get jobs in Canada? Tell me something about it So friends, you have brought very good news for the people.

Ahmed Hussen, a Canadian Minister of Immigration, has made some announcement on July 13, 2019, which is going to prove to be very good for you people.

I was not here because of which I could not give it on an updated time.  Friends, they are bringing people to a new 3-year program of Permanent residency Program.

This will include those people whose education level is too low and those people who want to work in Canada. And for those people who are working Already in Canada.

It will be for those people who want to work in the Agriculture Food Sector and work, how can they get a job in Canada, in what way will they apply?

What benefits do you have to see it? So today we will talk about this topic. So, Friend, We will talk today to Canada’s new immigration program which will be the Permanent residency Program in Canada.

Friends, a lot of people ask here, if we go to temporary foreign Visas, which is called a work visa, can we extend this visa? Can we apply PR after going there?

How to get PR in canada in 1 year
Get PR in Canada within 1 year

Work visa jobs in Canada

What sectors are included inside the food sector?

  1. Butcher
  2. Retail butcher
  3. Industrial butcher
  4. Food processing labors

What was the first thing that people used to visit such Temporary Work Visas Normal used to work 2-3 years there and then he had to come back to his country?  The issue of this matter was that their visa did not extend.  There were lots of issues in it. Because of which he had to come back to his country.

But friends this issue will not be so here at all. The first people were not given the issue. Before people did not get the PR issue. The permanent residency was not given at all.

But here is Ahmed Hussen, who is a minister here; he saw that labor is shortage considerably due to this rule.  He has come out with a new residency program.

Now, People who do work at least 1 year in Canada will be able to apply PR.  There is no such requirement; high-level education also should not be there.  Your visa will also extend comfortably.

Here is good news for you.  You do not need much education. This is a lot of great news guys. For those people who want to get Permanent Residency in Canada.  Within a year, you will be issued permanent residency.

Requirements to get PR in Canada

If you have only 1 year of experience to work in Canada, you can get permanent residency in Canada.  Here is some requirement that you need to apply for PR.

  1. At least you should have 12 level educations.
  2. You need only 4.0 in IELTS.

After getting Permanent Residency, if you work 1 year then you can sponsor your family.

According to a new immigration rule, 2700 VISA will be an issue every year. If you work for 1 year and then bring your parents here, there will be 16,000 visas issued here.

If you apply for a job in the food sector you will get 2 years job offer here that means you can work here up to 2 years.  And within 1 year you will be issued Permanent Residency.

In Canada, labor has become a shortage, so the Employer will also help you to issue Permanent Residency. This program will start until the end of 2020. You will get all the information before 2 /3 months, how you can apply for a job in Canada.

Where you can get jobs easily, how to make the resume? Everything will be told to you before 2 to 3 months.  I hope you like this update.

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